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Fyrvik Consulting provides consultants to the maritime and offshore industry. Our maritime specialists have international experience from large offshore construction projects and operations engineering.

The consultants are hired on short and long term conditions to both Norwegian and International clients. 

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For incident investigations we use a systematic approach to identify the events and their underlying causes and broken barriers. We investigate for root causes by looking into the underlaying factors in the operational interface between human factors, existing procedures and technical limitations.


We can also advice new barriers for prevention and mitigation of future incidents.


Our consultancy within Risk Management gain from experience from multiple HAZOP, HAZID and Risk Management engineering and offshore experience from marine operations. Our HAZID/ HAZOP studies concentrates towards operability challenges and their critical hazards by using guide words suitable for marine operations.


Our risk assessments takes into consideration the current status of the different alternatives (e.g. design, planning and procedures), the identified existing safeguards, and then we provide guidance for reducing your risks at hand.

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Our consultant network are professionals within the marine and offshore industry.


With years of practical experience and operational know-how our consultants takes care of your assets, equipment and project work schedule when conducting as your company representatives at site/ offshore.

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Our consultants are experienced in Marine Warranty industry and verifies the engineered procedures are followed by the contractor.


At office we provides Marine Warranty Focal Points for large subsea field development projects, but also offshore Marine Warranty Surveyors for marine operations.

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